neige_metz_tessy_canon_5D (1 sur 9) neige_metz_tessy_canon_5D (2 sur 9) neige_metz_tessy_canon_5D (8 sur 9) neige_metz_tessy_canon_5D (5 sur 9) neige_metz_tessy_canon_5D (3 sur 9) neige_metz_tessy_canon_5D (9 sur 9) neige_metz_tessy_canon_5D (6 sur 9)First post in over a month. Lately I have neither the time to shoot nor the inspiration. So when two week-ends ago it snowed during a whole day, it was the perfect occasion to go out for a walk with my camera. It’s in times like these that i realize how much i love photography (how fucking cheesy is this statement…).

Company (i’m totally stealing nbp‘s idea, but i had no idea what title i could give to this post).



gauche_grue_confluence_lyon_iphone eyes_euronews_confluence_lyon_iphone bulding_euronews_architecture_confluence_lyon_iphone building_confluence_architecture_lyon_iphone stars_wars_street_art_confluence_lyon_iphone reflet_pont_symetrie_confluence_lyon_iphone loe_eric_marie_confluence_lyon_iphone

The iPhone is really a great point and shoot camera. When I am too lazy to carry around the 5D or the M6, it’s just perfect for some random snaps and you get pretty decent results. All pics edited with vsco on the phone.



marie_cedric_course_escalade_geneveMarie and Cédric before the race of Escalade in Geneva yesterday. Cédric is getting ready CR7’s style.


As usual it was super cold, but great atmosphere and impressive races. It was really tough for me to be there without being able to run, but I need to take the time to heal my shin splint. I hope that next year I will be able to run again because I am really missing it and it will take me up to 5 or 6 months to lace up my running shoes.


Berlin from above

selfie_reflection_fernsehturm berlin_from_above_sundown_reflection_fernsehturm berlin_from_above_alexanderplatz berlin_from_above_sundown_fernsehturmOn the last day of our stay in Berlin we saw the city from above. Great view after spending 5 days on ground level. We went there at 7p.m. to try to catch the best light. There was just a bit too many clouds on the horizon. A guide there said, on summer time you can wait up to 2 or 3 hours to get up there. Thank god we waited only 10 minutes.


Music Therapy BTS

marie_virginie_music_therapy_bts basse_iphone_music_therapy_bts ludo_peinture_music_therapy_bts marc_lac_annecy_music_therapy_bts groupe_music_therapy_bts virginie_lea_music_therapy_bts virginie_music_therapy_bts

Three weeks ago I spent the week-end shooting the first DiscoRage music video. A lot of friends joined and helped and it was really a great moment. They want to record their first album and launched a crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank (click to go there directly). At this time 59% of the project is financed. Go support them !!

(all pics shot with the 5D, except the last 2 shot with an iPhone)



chateau_duingt_lac_annecy lac_annecy_chateau_duingt marie_trail_lac_doussardjeremy_trail_lac_doussardmarie_trail_lac_annecyWe went for a trail today. Perfect weather to sweat out yesterdays party and amazing view of the lake. And yes, it’s a blog post with only iPhone pictures. I can’t carry the 5D around while i am running. All pics edited with vsco on the phone.