People of Tokyo

people_of_Tokyo_biker_asakusa_Leica people_of_tokyo_couple_doll_harajuku_leica people_of_Tokyo_women_kimono_asakusa_Leica people_of_Tokyo_teenagers_yoyogi_harajuku_Leica people_of_tokyo_girl_doll_harajuku_leica people_of_Tokyo_shinjuku_harajuku_yoyogi_Leica people_of_tokyo_kids_2_harajuku_leica people_of_tokyo_men_medium_format_harajuku_leica people_of_tokyo_kids_harajuku_leica people_of_Tokyo_men_sleeping_asakusa_ Leica people_of_tokyo_men_smoking_harajuku_leica people_of_Tokyo_men_streetfood_Leica people_of_Tokyo_men_temple_asakusa_Leica people_of_Tokyo_shinjuku_shibuya_invader_Leica people_of_tokyo_teenagers_harajuku_leica people_of_tokyo_girl_harajuku_leica people_of_tokyo_woman_look_harajuku_leica people_of_tokyo_girl_omotesando_harajuku_leica people_of_Tokyo_women_kimono_yoyogi_Leica people_of_Tokyo_women_shooting_harajuku_Leica people_of_tokyo_teenager_omotesando_harajuku_leica people_of_Tokyo_women_smartphone_harajuku_Leica


Tokyo is a huge city, 13 millions live in the capital and you reach 35 millions people if you add the suburbs. So while walking around, you will see millions of looks : traditional, classy, street, vintage, normcore, gothic and the list is endless. Some of the looks can only be rocked in Tokyo, otherwise you will be stared at like you are an alien.


Some of these pictures of the people of tokyo are slightly out of focus or not so well exposed, but street photography is really hard (I need a 24 or 28mm lense), I had to deal with tough lighting for most of my stay in Tokyo, and I wanted to show as many people as possible.

(Scans by Carmencita)


Tsukiji fish market

Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_1 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_2 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_3 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_4 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_5 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_6 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_7 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_8 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_9 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_10 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_11 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_12 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_13 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_14 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_15 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_16 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_17 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_18 Tsukiji_fish_market_tokyo_leica_19


The Tsukiji fish market is a place you must definitely visit while in Tokyo. It’s the biggest wholesale market in the world and it’s really impressive to see. If you are ready to wake up really really early you have the possibility to see the tuna auctions which starts at 5am (we were not ready to wake up that early). From 9 to 11 you can visit the market itself. You must be very careful because the alleys are not very wide and you have to watch out for the people who are working there so that you don’t bother them. At 10.30am some workers are already packing their gear and you can see some people cleaning huge knives they use to cut the fishes.

The place is extremely clean (you are in Japan remember) and I was very surprised not to smell the fish or seafood odor I was expecting. And even at 9am in the morning I really wanted to taste the food that you can find there. Just after the market we had the freshest sushis possible as breakfast. It was great !

I am very pleased with the pics I shot with my Leica. I had Portra 400 rolls and because of the light I had to shoot at apertures from 1.4 to 2.8. I managed to get some good shots even if focusing is not always easy at these apertures especially when the subjects are always moving.

Scans by Carmencita.

Streets of Tokyo (part 2)

streets_of_tokyo_rain_lights_shibuya_harajuku_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_yodobashi_shinjuku_akihabara_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_tiny_street_ueno_sangenyaya_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_sex_shop_shinjuku_harajuku_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_rain_umbrella_night_lighta_shinjuku_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_ebisu_building_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_night_lights_shi njuku_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_mapple_tree_asakusa_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_rain_sangenyaya_shinjuku_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_kapital_4L_daikanyama_iPhone

After the first post about the streets of Tokyo shot with my Leica, here are some pics shot with my iPhone. When I see the pictures i really regret not having my 5D and my 24-105 lens. Shooting with only primes is challenging and frustrating because sometimes I had pictures in mind that could not do because of the gear I had with me. But I know I will go back to Japan one day and I won’t do the same mistake twice.

Streets of Tokyo

streets_of_tokyo_asakusa_model_leica streets_of_tokyo_ebisu_shinjuku_leica streets_of_tokyo_harajuku_leica streets_of_tokyo_harajuku_mirror_leica streets_of_tokyo_shinjuku_truck_godzilla_anime_ leica streets_of_tokyo_shinjuku_harajuku_takeshita_leica streets_of_tokyo_ueno_wood_house_leica streets_of_tokyo_harajuku_mirror_ueno_worker_leica


In the streets of Tokyo, you walk a lot, but really a lot. You better get some comfortable shoes because we walked around 15km a day during two weeks. While walking in Tokyo, you will come across many different neighborhoods, which have completely different atmospheres. Some places are modern, loud, flashy and always crowded, some areas are very quiet with a more traditional architecture.

The contrast you can find between two neighborhoods is always surprising and it’s one the things that I like so much about Tokyo.


All pics are shot with the Leica M6 (scans by Carmencita). I guess I will make a similar post but with iPhone pics only.


Dogs in Japan

dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_stadium_tokyo_japan_iphone_6 dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_iphone_2 parrot_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_iphone dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_iphone_5 dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_leica dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_iphone_3 dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_leica_4 dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_iphone_4 dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_leica_3 dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_leica_2 dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_iphone

When you travel to Japan, you must prepared to discover things in the japanese culture that will feel or look really strange to your european eye. I was prepared for that, but was definitely not expecting to see something like the dog-owner meeting that we saw in Yoyogi Park. This park is next to the Harajuku district and on Sundays the people of Tokyo are going there for a picnic with the family, they jog or just chill under the sakuras…


We wanted to see the famous rockers who are there on Sunday but we couldn’t find them. We kept on searching to finally find this dog-owners meeting between the Yoyogi Stadium and the park and it was just crazy/amazing.

Hundreds of dogs and their owners were there, you could find little photo studios with complete light setup and everything to shoot your dog, people were selling dog food and all kind of fashion accessories for your pet. And we also discovered how dogs in Japan are treated by their owners.

They carry them around in strollers, they dress them. I saw this dog with a Supreme box tee and told to my girlfriend “look this one even has a Supreme t-shirt” and the owner was next to me and looked at me very proudly saying yeah Supreme (Supleme with the real japanese accent) with a huge smile on his face.


Dogs in Japan seem to be treated like kids and visiting such a meeting is the perfect place to hear the famous japanese word “kawaii” all the time !


During a trip like this, the unexpected discoveries are the best way to discover a culture.


Scans by Carmencita Film Lab.


nara_lake_kawaguchi_japan_iphone nara_doe_japan_leica nara_temple_prayer_leica nara_park_temple_leica nara_temple_prayer_japan_iphone nara_lantern_doe_japan_leica nara_ Todai-ji_temple_japan_leica nara_buddha_Kofuku-ji_pagoda_leica_iphonenara_koumoku-ten_buddha_japan_leica_iphone nara_doe_woman_japan_leica nara_statue_temple_japan_iphone nara_temple_iphone nara_temple_japan_iphonenara_sakura_japan_iphone nara_lake_maple_sakura_japan_iphone_leica

I finally received the scans from my trip to Japan so I can start to post some of the pics I shot there (I shot 342 pictures with the M6 and 699 with the iPhone). I won’t post the pictures in chronological order but rather by themes or place we visited.


This first post is about Nara, which used to be the first fixed capital of Japan during the 8th century. The park and the temples are a UNESCO world heritage site. Compared to the madness in Tokyo and Kyoto, Nara is a very quiet town and many temples are located in the huge park close to the station so you can visit everything only by walking.


In this park there is around 1200 deers (considered sacred) walking around completely free. You can buy special crackers to feed them and they seem to love it.


There is many temples to see in this park. The Kasuga-taisha (the red/orange one) is worth the visit as all along the path that leads there you can find thousands of stone lantern which creates a very nice atmosphere. These lanterns are lit only during two festivals (beginning of February and mid August).


The temps that you must absolutely see is Todai-ji. It’s the biggest wood construction in the world (in the past it was 1/3 of the current size bigger but was destroyed during civil wars and the rebuilt). Inside you can also find the biggest bronze statue in the world, the Buddha is 15m tall, and trust me it’s really impressive. Next to this Buddha there is 2 huge wooden stautes of Koumoku-ten who are protectors of Buddha’s realm.


Scans by Carmencita Film Lab