Streets of Tokyo

streets_of_tokyo_asakusa_model_leica streets_of_tokyo_ebisu_shinjuku_leica streets_of_tokyo_harajuku_leica streets_of_tokyo_harajuku_mirror_leica streets_of_tokyo_shinjuku_truck_godzilla_anime_ leica streets_of_tokyo_shinjuku_harajuku_takeshita_leica streets_of_tokyo_ueno_wood_house_leica streets_of_tokyo_harajuku_mirror_ueno_worker_leica


In the streets of Tokyo, you walk a lot, but really a lot. You better get some comfortable shoes because we walked around 15km a day during two weeks. While walking in Tokyo, you will come across many different neighborhoods, which have completely different atmospheres. Some places are modern, loud, flashy and always crowded, some areas are very quiet with a more traditional architecture.

The contrast you can find between two neighborhoods is always surprising and it’s one the things that I like so much about Tokyo.


All pics are shot with the Leica M6 (scans by Carmencita). I guess I will make a similar post but with iPhone pics only.


Dogs in Japan

dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_stadium_tokyo_japan_iphone_6 dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_iphone_2 parrot_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_iphone dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_iphone_5 dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_leica dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_iphone_3 dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_leica_4 dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_iphone_4 dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_leica_3 dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_leica_2 dog_harajuku_yoyogi_park_tokyo_japan_iphone

When you travel to Japan, you must prepared to discover things in the japanese culture that will feel or look really strange to your european eye. I was prepared for that, but was definitely not expecting to see something like the dog-owner meeting that we saw in Yoyogi Park. This park is next to the Harajuku district and on Sundays the people of Tokyo are going there for a picnic with the family, they jog or just chill under the sakuras…


We wanted to see the famous rockers who are there on Sunday but we couldn’t find them. We kept on searching to finally find this dog-owners meeting between the Yoyogi Stadium and the park and it was just crazy/amazing.

Hundreds of dogs and their owners were there, you could find little photo studios with complete light setup and everything to shoot your dog, people were selling dog food and all kind of fashion accessories for your pet. And we also discovered how dogs in Japan are treated by their owners.

They carry them around in strollers, they dress them. I saw this dog with a Supreme box tee and told to my girlfriend “look this one even has a Supreme t-shirt” and the owner was next to me and looked at me very proudly saying yeah Supreme (Supleme with the real japanese accent) with a huge smile on his face.


Dogs in Japan seem to be treated like kids and visiting such a meeting is the perfect place to hear the famous japanese word “kawaii” all the time !


During a trip like this, the unexpected discoveries are the best way to discover a culture.


Scans by Carmencita Film Lab.


nara_lake_kawaguchi_japan_iphone nara_doe_japan_leica nara_temple_prayer_leica nara_park_temple_leica nara_temple_prayer_japan_iphone nara_lantern_doe_japan_leica nara_ Todai-ji_temple_japan_leica nara_buddha_Kofuku-ji_pagoda_leica_iphonenara_koumoku-ten_buddha_japan_leica_iphone nara_doe_woman_japan_leica nara_statue_temple_japan_iphone nara_temple_iphone nara_temple_japan_iphonenara_sakura_japan_iphone nara_lake_maple_sakura_japan_iphone_leica

I finally received the scans from my trip to Japan so I can start to post some of the pics I shot there (I shot 342 pictures with the M6 and 699 with the iPhone). I won’t post the pictures in chronological order but rather by themes or place we visited.


This first post is about Nara, which used to be the first fixed capital of Japan during the 8th century. The park and the temples are a UNESCO world heritage site. Compared to the madness in Tokyo and Kyoto, Nara is a very quiet town and many temples are located in the huge park close to the station so you can visit everything only by walking.


In this park there is around 1200 deers (considered sacred) walking around completely free. You can buy special crackers to feed them and they seem to love it.


There is many temples to see in this park. The Kasuga-taisha (the red/orange one) is worth the visit as all along the path that leads there you can find thousands of stone lantern which creates a very nice atmosphere. These lanterns are lit only during two festivals (beginning of February and mid August).


The temps that you must absolutely see is Todai-ji. It’s the biggest wood construction in the world (in the past it was 1/3 of the current size bigger but was destroyed during civil wars and the rebuilt). Inside you can also find the biggest bronze statue in the world, the Buddha is 15m tall, and trust me it’s really impressive. Next to this Buddha there is 2 huge wooden stautes of Koumoku-ten who are protectors of Buddha’s realm.


Scans by Carmencita Film Lab

Japanese drinks

Japanese drinksIt has been almost two months without a post on the blog for various reasons. Since a few weeks I’m back in France after two amazing weeks in Japan and I am still waiting for my dozen rolls to be processed by Carmencita Lab. I should get them by end of next week and can’t wait to see if I managed to get some decent shots.

These are drinks bought from vending machines that you can find around every corner in Tokyo. You have cold and warm (the tiny cans) drinks. In average these drinks costs around 120¥ . I wanted to try as many japanese drinks as possible. Every time I was thirsty I tried a different one and shot them because from the beginning I had the idea of this picture.

More pics from this great trip will come in the following days with a mix of pictures shot with the Leica and with the iPhone as I did not bring my 5D with me.



neige_metz_tessy_canon_5D (1 sur 9) neige_metz_tessy_canon_5D (2 sur 9) neige_metz_tessy_canon_5D (8 sur 9) neige_metz_tessy_canon_5D (5 sur 9) neige_metz_tessy_canon_5D (3 sur 9) neige_metz_tessy_canon_5D (9 sur 9) neige_metz_tessy_canon_5D (6 sur 9)First post in over a month. Lately I have neither the time to shoot nor the inspiration. So when two week-ends ago it snowed during a whole day, it was the perfect occasion to go out for a walk with my camera. It’s in times like these that i realize how much i love photography (how fucking cheesy is this statement…).

Company (i’m totally stealing nbp‘s idea, but i had no idea what title i could give to this post).



gauche_grue_confluence_lyon_iphone eyes_euronews_confluence_lyon_iphone bulding_euronews_architecture_confluence_lyon_iphone building_confluence_architecture_lyon_iphone stars_wars_street_art_confluence_lyon_iphone reflet_pont_symetrie_confluence_lyon_iphone loe_eric_marie_confluence_lyon_iphone

The iPhone is really a great point and shoot camera. When I am too lazy to carry around the 5D or the M6, it’s just perfect for some random snaps and you get pretty decent results. All pics edited with vsco on the phone.



marie_cedric_course_escalade_geneveMarie and Cédric before the race of Escalade in Geneva yesterday. Cédric is getting ready CR7’s style.


As usual it was super cold, but great atmosphere and impressive races. It was really tough for me to be there without being able to run, but I need to take the time to heal my shin splint. I hope that next year I will be able to run again because I am really missing it and it will take me up to 5 or 6 months to lace up my running shoes.