The Thrill Is Gone

oslo_bay_boat_ride oslo_bay_boat_ride_6 oslo_bay_boat_ride_5 oslo_bay_boat_ride_raf oslo_bay_boat_ride_4 oslo_bay_boat_ride_antoine oslo_bay_boat_ride_3 oslo_bay_boat_ride_2 oslo_bay_boat_ride_8 oslo_bay_boat_ride_7

Usually when you need to take public transportation you think about subway, tramway or busses. In Oslo it’s a little bit different as boats are part of the public transportation network. For the price of a bus ticket you can make a small cruise in the Oslo bay in a boat that goes from island to island (this is one of the few cheap things to do in Oslo).

As usual, the light was really beautiful and the contrast between the colorful houses, the deep blue sea, the low sun and the sky allows to shoot some cool pictures.


The Thrill Is Gone


oslo_opera_night_reflecitonraf_opera_oslooslo_opera_raf_night oslo_opera_daytime oslo_opera_daytime_2 antoine_opera_olso girl_opera_oslo girl_posing_opera_oslo worker_oslo_operaOslo’s Opera is the kind of place where you can shoot a picture every day for fifty days and you will never come up the same picture. The architecture of this building is really amazing and is now a trademark of Oslo’s landscape. There are so many compostions to try, each perspective of the building makes it unique, the light can change the place dramatically. I wish I would have tried some long exposures too (maybe next time ?)…



Doe Active

good_morning_astrup_fearnley_oslo jeff_koons_ball_astrup_fearnley_oslo jeff_koons_jackson_astrup_fearnley_oslo richard_prince_astrup_fearnley_oslo charles_ray_astrup_fearnley_oslo felix_gonzalez_torres_astrup_fearnley_oslo for_the_love_of_god_astrup_fearnley_oslo damien_hirst_astrup_fearnley_oslo damien_hirst_butterfly_astrup_fearnley_oslo damien_hirst_round_astrup_fearnley_oslo damien_hirst_skull_astrup_fearnley_oslo damien_hirst_cow_astrup_fearnley_oslo

Like in every big city I visit, I try to go to a Modern Art Museum. We went to the Astrup Fearnley Museum. We were really lucky because a few days after our visit the Damien Hirst Exhibition closed, and knowing I missed it would have been a huge regret.

I was lucky enough to be able to see the famous “For The Love of God” piece. It’s truly a remarquable piece of art that must be seen at least once in your life. You enter in this pitch black room and in the middle you can see this skull with thousands of diamonds on it, fully lit. I have never seen something shine like this in my entire life. When you walk around the diamonds sparkle around depending how the lights hit them. It’s unbelievable. You are not allowed to take pictures of the skull but I think it is impossible to give justice to this piece of art with a picture.

Beside this highlight we also some pieces from Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Robert Gobert, Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Charles Ray.

Doe Active