Open air museum



Roa_kreuzberg_wall_superblast_mitteWalking in Berlin is like walking in a huge museum. Around every corner you can come across a piece of streetart. Small or huge, paints or collages, from a famous artist or a random guy, you will find every style in Berlin. I should have prepared a map of some famous spots to be sure to see them but I guess I’ll have to go back for that.¬†

And I’m still working on the layout. I reduced the size of the frame around the pictures because they looked too thick.

Berlin’s perspectives




denkmal_juden_berlinFinally ! The blog is back after a very long time. It was down because of a hack on the previous theme. It was then the perfect time to refresh everything. Everything is more or less working, but if you notice any bug (especially on mobile) please tell me ! I hope that you like the new layout.

We are back from Berlin, and I started editing the pictures shot with the 5D. I noticed that I did quite a few shots focused on perspective. More pics will come in the following weeks. And I also have a lot of pics shot when the blog was down, which I will post every now and then.