Music Therapy BTS

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Three weeks ago I spent the week-end shooting the first DiscoRage music video. A lot of friends joined and helped and it was really a great moment. They want to record their first album and launched a crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank (click to go there directly). At this time 59% of the project is financed. Go supportĀ them !!

(all pics shot with the 5D, except the last 2 shot with an iPhone)



chateau_duingt_lac_annecy lac_annecy_chateau_duingt marie_trail_lac_doussardjeremy_trail_lac_doussardmarie_trail_lac_annecyWe went for a trail today. Perfect weather to sweat out yesterdays party and amazing view of the lake. And yes, it’s a blog post with only iPhone pictures. I can’t carry the 5D around while i am running. All pics edited with vsco on the phone.