Summertime goodlife

marie_raf_chanteloube_ete_ipadalex_kumba_chanteloube_étévirginie_alexia_chanteloube_étémarie_chanteloube_étéplanche_voile_lac_chanteloube_étéWinter is almost here, and even with a crappy summer we had great moments. I can’t wait to go back there next summer with all my friends and enjoy the simple life we always have at Chanteloube.

(Kodak Ektar 100, Portra 400 and TriX400) Partially scanned by Carmentcita Lab

Marie in Berlin

marie_tramway_berlinmarie_canape_berlin marie_berlin_memorial_holocauste marie_berlin_kreuzberg marie_berlinI did not shoot film for a while because of my new job and less inspiration. I really loved shooting again in Berlin, and what best than my favorite model ?

(Kodak TriX 400 & Ektar 100 ) Scans by Carmencita Lab



bauhaus_galerie_berlin bauhaus_galerie_berlin_3 bauhaus_galerie_berlin_2

Really interesting visit at the Bauhaus Galerie. So many random items that we know come from people that attended this art school.
I received my first 3 rolls processed by the Carmencita Lab in Valencia, Spain and i am really thrilled by the results. The processing and the scanning gives great results. I can only advise you to give it a try for your next rolls !
(Kodak TriX 400)