Made You Look

feet_and_boards phillip_bs_nbs_michy_fs_blunt nike_and_push fs_smith skate_shoes bastian anti_hero

I spent a week in Germany at my brothers. As usual the weather was kind of fucked up but we manage a few skate sessions. I saw friends I haven’t seen for 10 years, it was a great time. I also could remember what skate sessions with friends meant when I was skating with these people. Thanks for the great time and memories friends !

Made You Look

All in a day’s work

plateau_parmelan crête_parmelan rochers_parmelan wdywt_randonneeI live in a beautiful place but I am not enjoying it as much as I should. So let’s start hiking ! Today I climbed the Parmesan, had a great time, I just hope that next time the weather (or at least the light) will be better.

All in a days work