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men_sitting_hongkong_leica_fuji_superia400 men_sleeping_repulse_bay_hong_kong_leica_fuji_superia400 woman_hat_sitting_hongkong_leica_kodak_portra400 crosswalk_trolley_hongkong_leica_fuji_superia400 worker_bamboo_hongkong_leica_kodak_trix400 men_praying_budha_repulse_bay_hong_kong_leica_fuji_superia400 woman_crosswalk_light_street_leica_kodak_portra400_trix400 woman_food_market_hongkong_leica_fuji_superia400 worker_hong_kong_leica_fuji_superia400

After more than year of silence for various reasons, I’m writing a post on this blog. I’m ready to share again some of the pictures I shot in the previous months. In November I went to Hong-Kong, my first vacations alone, and when I went through my pictures of Hong-Kong I realized I managed to shoot quite a lot of picture with only one person in the frame. When you know that Hong-Kong has the one of the highest density of population in the world, I find this quite odd but the pictures resume perfectly my vacations : alone, but still, surrounded by millions.

This place is just unbelievable and had a great time walking in the busy streets with my Leica around my neck trying to capture the unique atmosphere of this city/country. After visiting Japan I’m definitely so in love with Asia.¬†Within a few minutes of walking you can go from the super crowded and oppressing modern neighborhoods, to quiet and traditional areas.

Shot with my Leica M6, on Kodak TriX 400, Portra 400 and Fuji Superia 400. Processing and scanning made by Carmencita Film Lab.

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