Streets of Tokyo (part 2)

streets_of_tokyo_rain_lights_shibuya_harajuku_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_yodobashi_shinjuku_akihabara_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_tiny_street_ueno_sangenyaya_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_sex_shop_shinjuku_harajuku_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_rain_umbrella_night_lighta_shinjuku_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_ebisu_building_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_night_lights_shi njuku_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_mapple_tree_asakusa_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_rain_sangenyaya_shinjuku_iPhone streets_of_tokyo_kapital_4L_daikanyama_iPhone

After the first post about the streets of Tokyo shot with my Leica, here are some pics shot with my iPhone. When I see the pictures i really regret not having my 5D and my 24-105 lens. Shooting with only primes is challenging and frustrating because sometimes I had pictures in mind that could not do because of the gear I had with me. But I know I will go back to Japan one day and I won’t do the same mistake twice.